A selection of spindles

These are pictures of spindles I have made.   They are NOT available any more... Please see the "Items For Sale" page for those.

Unless for special order, I do not make according to any pattern -- the whim of the moment, the types of wood, the alignment of the planets... these and more influence the outcome of my turning.   All spindles are finished with either a light shellac coating, or a wax -- again, the wood determines what it will get for a finish.

The dowels are lightly grooved to make gripping easier.   Weights range from .5 ounce to 1.5 ounces, depending on the type of spindle (horizontal or drop) and type(s) of wood.

I've recently come into a LARGE amount of native Illinois cherry... so, my "standard" entry-level spindle is now cherry.   This wood was cut appx. 50 years ago, so is very aged, stable, and quite pretty.  See the picture below for samples...

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Sunny Day pics (left 2).  The woods in these spindles are:   walnut, coco bolo, goldenwood, zebrawood, maple, elm.
Next 2 pics are a Cocobolo/Bloodwood spindle in a holder.

Cherry wood spindles

Hackberry inlaid with mahagony Back side Maple Spindles Back Side Edge View

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